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As a group Faber Teater is born in Chivasso (Torino, Italia) in 1995 from a workshop of research theatre in the Secondary School. From 2009 we have been obtaining the support of Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali. The group is made of 2 actresses, 4 actors, a promoter and various collaborators.

We put at the centre of our artistic life the actor's work, the group theatre, we cultivate the actor-spectator relationship, we are in the unbroken and moving research of "our theatre" made of thought, action, ideas, shows, barter, quality and diligence in our job. It is desire of this theatrical project to present not only the "final product", the show, but as well the research, the passion, the aritsan care that support this job, with the hope of thrilling the audience not only to the theatrical language, but also and mainly to the strength and energy that grow from the commitment used in an experience that thrill the person, makes it available, creates it artfully. We do believe in the spectacular moment as an intense exchange of emotions, energies, "stories" with the audience and the places, often non-conventional that we choose for presenting our artistic life. Tha word "faber" is the latin for smith, maker, the artisan, he loves, takes care, builds his art, his tools; he uses and take care of his tools, and continuously searches for new possibilities for his artistic life. For us the actor, the actress, the man and women working in theatre uses the body and the mind as tools of its craft to discipline, mould and strengthen the body, the mind, the soul. We live different moments in our artistic life: from the research on the actors' work, to the creation and distribution of our shows, from the planning to the realization of thearical, pedagogical, cultural moments.

Speaking of our artistic route, we do believe in selfpedagogy, in search of a collective and individual training, a preparation that goes through different traditions, we investigate in words far and near: from yoga to dance, from acrobatcis to the use of stilts, from singing to storytelling, to the study of musical instruments. Since 2004 we have chosen to deepen our voice, musical an educational research with Antonella Talamonti. In intensive work sessions we do investigate our capabilities and awareness thoroughly. She takes care of the musical directions of faber's shows. Over these years we have chosen to confront ourselves and work with many women and men of theatre, people we do respect greatly, from them we learned, shared and are still sharing part of our job, some of them are: Mario Barzaghi, Claudia Contin e Ferruccio Merisi, Andrea Brugnera, Naira Gonzales, Rocco De Paolis, Mario Chiapuzzo, Antonella Talamonti, Luciano Nattino. In these years we have been creating and touring with severals shows, many for streets, squares and non-conventional places: emigranti and FabefEst are the two shows we have been touring most with.

We been invited in many festivals in prestigious capitals and in the most remote villages, in big theatres and tiny squares, we did perform for little audiences and hundreds of youngsters. (Italy, France, Switzerland, UK, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Romania, Russian Federation, Poland, Ecuador, Domincan Republic, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden). Our shows are strongly based on the actors and actresses physical and vocal work and research, till now the quality of our project has made faber's shows successfull all over.

We do create, organise, project important cultural and theatrical events in our territory.
From 1999 until 2014, we have organized the summer festival Teatri di confine, which involved 39 municipalities in the provinces of Alessandria, Asti, Biella, Torino and Vercelli, with the support of these four Provinces, of Regione Piemonte, of S. Paolo and CRT foundations of Turin.

Who we are:

Chiara Baudino
Francesco Micca
Lodovico Bordignon
Lucia Giordano
Marco Andorno
Paola Bordignon
Sebastiano Amadio

Società cooperativa Faber Teater
località Baraggino, Campus delle Associazioni, casetta 7, Chivasso (To), Italia
www.faberteater.com - mail: info@faberteater.com