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Arianna Curcio
Francesco Micca
Gregory Distefano
Lodovico Bordignon
Lucia Giordano
Marco Andorno
Paola Bordignon
Sebastiano Amadio

Aldo Pasquero
Giuseppe Morrone

Music, objects, masks, stilts, costumes
Faber Teater

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And now let’s go in the streets, in PARADA! Parada is an itinerant street theater and music show that brings in the streets two bands: the Little actors/musicians and the Giants actors/stilt-men. Theatrical actions, dances, choreographies bring them together and in the meantime separate them. Tall ones and Small ones play between them, with the spectators and unsuspecting passers-by.
They meet, approach, they study each other, show their skills and thus begin a game that leads them to dance together, to challenge, to fight a duel. Sometimes the Giants win, sometimes it’s the Small ones turn. And if the Giants are knock down? The Little ones help them to get up...
And then there's the feast, the dance, the construction of a "theater within theater" in which they perform together, in which aerial and ground choreography carry away the audience. At the end of the deeds, "Quando il tempo urge da presso” (“Now that the time crowds in”) Little ones and Giants show their true face and leaving the audience they sing a song to take back home.

Two accordions, percussion, violin, trumpet and deformed voices by kazoo create an evocative and compelling sound universe. At the center of Parada there are romances, popular marches, western movie quotes and original pieces of music. The highly expressive masks, freely inspired by the Balinese style, valorize the actors work, as well as the costumes, created by the re-creation of jackets, ties, pants, doilies and hinges. Stilts, costumes, masks, music, objects, choreography... All handcrafts made in Faber Teater.

Società cooperativa Faber Teater
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