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Francesco Micca
Lodovico Bordignon
Lucia Giordano
Marco Andorno
Paola Bordignon
Sebastiano Amadio

musical choices
Rocco de Paolis

musical director
Antonella Talamonti

Aldo Pasquero
Giuseppe Morrone

pdf performance sheet

video by Diego Diaz, duration 3' 00''

A theatrical and musical journey. Six actors-musicians evoke through actions and songs different worlds, adventures, travels, among fallings in love and cheatings, between souvenir photos and music, battles, dances. In every show, the six characters search meetings with new lands, new audiences, bring with them actions and songs from different parts of the world. They feed the memory of that lands, speak languages that could belong to lots of people, timeless: remembrance, nostalgia, but also games, jokes, emotions. Roles changing, love affairs and encounters, old French atmosphere and Yiddish feastes, kissers couples and capoeira challengers, twirling spanish skirts.

A journey suitable for theatre, on a velvet armchair, but also on a folding chair or even sitting on the ground in a yard or a square; or it’s possible to follow six characters on their way through places and spaces.

Società cooperativa Faber Teater
località Baraggino, Campus delle Associazioni, casetta 7, Chivasso (To), Italia
www.faberteater.com - mail: info@faberteater.com